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Video Programs & Meditations

The video programs below are clips of the complete programs. All clips below are the first few minutes of each meditation. The ability to purchase the full programs will be available soon. If you are interested in purchasing one or more programs now, please click on "contact" using the link in the menu above.

Patrick's video programs are his original audio-visual programs on various subjects such as: Father, mother, child-parent Relationship, a search for meaning, family as a school of deeper humanity, divorce and separation, grief, death, Christmas and Easter. All these spiritual meditations were hammered out on the anvil of Celtic Mysticism. Patrick wrote, photographed and narrated all programs. Rather than a stop gap Theology, Irish Celtic spirituality proposes, "The mystery of the ordinary". If we do not see and live the mystery of God in the here and the now, we will not know God in the hereafter. Life is a continuum. We are infinite consciousness. We move from immanence to transcendence.

Video Programs & Meditations: Text
Video Programs & Meditations: Videos
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