Books Written by Patrick Mooney
Religionless Spirituality,
by Patrick Mooney

Religionless Spirituality claims that neither religion nor materialistic science satisfies the ache of the human heart for meaning or significance. We have experienced wonderful progress through the advances of science. Unfortunately, our achievements in many respects have become our atrocities.

Since the Enlightenment, mechanistic science has insisted that it is only through reason that we can objectively prove anything, thereby excluding all subjective experience. This is the predominant paradigm by which capitalism and materialism prevail. Modern society has almost completely adopted this model. Because of this near total embrace, the environment of the human habitat is becoming more and more threatened. Through this model we infer that infinite growth can fit into a finite world. The ego is catered to as a consequence, but our spirit grows ever more impoverished. What use is verification by the human eye if the subjective experience of sight is excluded? Science explains but tells us nothing of experience. We need a spirit of transcendence, something that lies beyond matter, to explain the human construct.

This is where spirituality enters. Religion, for its own ends, has politicized spirituality and co-opted for power and control. Individually, spirituality calls us to reclaim the birthright of Gods divinity alive within each of us. True spirituality calls us to look to the power within. True spirituality belongs to each individual. We must adopt a new paradigm, decontaminate ourselves from organized religion, and see our own individual divinity.

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The Delusion of Atheism,
by Patrick Mooney

Both atheistic materialism and organized religion have been the two great forces which have had the greatest mind control over Western Civilization’s perception and value system. Both systems have used their power to keep humanity in subjugation and slavery through the tactics of fear and terror. Both systems have denied humanity the dignity of its true Divine identity. When social systems exist for the sole purpose of strengthening and propelling their own self-interest rather the welfare of its citizens, then the matrix in which humanity lives becomes corrupt and decadent. When a people are denied the understanding of their own self-concept as a unique person and a child of God, they become disassociated from their own holographic identity. Nature does not tolerate a vacuum. Dystopia rushes in to replace the void caused by the split or the dualism which both atheism and organized religion cause in world which some non-local Supreme Intelligence created for a more noble purpose. Atheistic Materialism denies the existence of A Creator and is pessimistically Nihilistic. Organized Religion while admitting an Omega or an absolute, divides the soul from the body and turns this world Into a vale of tears. The New Science of Quantum Physics teaches that the Whole is greater than the sum of its parts and the substrata of the atom is consciousness. Quantum teaches the Cosmos is one. There is no separation. All that exists is linked together in the one reality of interdependence, interconnection and interrelationship. Consciousness is eternal. It carries on after the atoms of our bodies have deteriorated and gone. Consciousness tells us, that despite the momentary reality of our bodies we are spiritually eternal. Materialistic Atheism is temporary and built of the false promise of economy and profit. It proposes tragedy instead of ecstasy. Consciousness joins body and soul together. Life in this world in other world is a continuum. Life here is sacred and must be lived in this respect. Whether we like it or not we are doomed to be spiritual. It is the human spirit which is primary. Consciousness teaches us this. Terribly, Atheism has inverted this. It makes the body and its temporality primary. It forgets and denies humanity's need for transcendence. Atheism stultifies. It concerns itself with grasping rather than reaching. Atheism is greedy. It is anti-compassion. This world will surely fail unless we begin to become aware that love is our highest electromagnetic capability and selfishness our lowest.

Praise to the Lord of the Morning! By Patrick Mooney

The meditations outline in the book have been hammered out of the experiences of life. As prayer experiences they are meant as an invitation to put pressures of our busy world aside. They ask that we surrender ourselves tot he real God who can set us free.

Life is crammed with the presence of God. We have to dare to be different to hear God's call and to see His face. For those who have the courage to see, the whole world groans with the incarnation:

"Not a bird sings

But it echos Christ's voice

And not a tree

Uplifts its branches

But in Imitation of

His outstretched arms."

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