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About Spiritual Spring Productions

The world of advertising now sells us all kinds of delectable goods through the channels of mass media communications. Dave Allen has suggested that future generations shall be born with four eyes and no tongue.


We have culturally arrived at a stage where dog food and cat food is sold with more conviction and color than the message of Jesus Christ.  Worse still, the message from contemporary commodity gurus is that only consumer goods will satisfy us.  Capitalizing on our inbred need for meaning and purpose, which is stamped by nature on our souls, profiteers, with glitzy selling techniques, now invade our homes. With an implosive agressiveness they sell us a spiritually bankrupt bill of goods.


Gratuitous violence runs rampant, least subliminally, on our television screens, proclaiming the message, that life is not sacred. Consumerism teaches us that all living things on the sub-human level, exist for our gratification and exploitation. Greed as a consequence now reigns supreme. It has become the new creed of the west. What should be secondary has become primary.


Self actualization, rather than self transcendence has become our new chant. Like a ship on a storm tossed sea, we seem rudderless, without a moral compass. We seem to have forgotten that we are only stewards, not masters of this incredibly fragile planet called earth. Petrim Sorokin has suggested, we have moved from the ideational age into the sensate age. What we need is a more integrated approach to life. Sorokin calls this stage "the idealistic state." By this he means 'the via media,' whereby all that is magnificent about the discoveries of modern science, must be balanced with an authentic spiritual balance and dimension.


As Albert Einstein said, "Science without religion is blind and religion without science is dead." Because of the dumbing down of our inbred need for spirituality, both the mind controlled harangues of the commodity culture and the imperialism of mass media has deadened us.


All the wonder, awe and astonishment of ordinary life has been squeezed out and sucked dry. We no longer know how to see or imagine. George Bernard Shaw, rightly asks in his play Saint Joan, “Must a Christ perish in every generation for those who have no imagination?” True spirituality is all about life and life is around us every day.  But we refuse to see.


There is a saying in the west of Ireland, “Heaven is but an inch and a half above the head of a man." What a pity, it is then to be surrounded by heaven, and take no notice of it! The most fantastic  happenings and wonderful occurrences  erupt with a passionate excitement in the midst of our ordinary surroundings every day.


Terribly though, they pass us by, like ships in the night, unnoticed. Science with its insistence on what is objective and mathematically provable, reigns supreme in our modern world. It has taken on a mantle of enlightenment and sophistication. We are subtly taught that to be spiritual is dumb. We have been culturally programmed into making the empirical reign supreme in our value system. But this approach is as equally dangerous as the fundamentalism and dogmatism of liberalized and ritualized organized religion.


What is essential to life is basically invisible. Science can teach us much about surface reality. It reigns supreme in specialized location. It can tell us that images which hit the human eye, register initially upside down, but then the eye, turns these images the other way around. But it takes spirituality to speak to us about the intelligence behind the maneuvering of the eye.


Who or what instructs the arabesque dance of light in the human eye? Who can explain the miracle and profound experience of sight? 


Where the scientist finishes, the mystic begins. St. Iraneus once remarked, "The terrible pity is what dies within a man while he is still living. The prayer experience programs from Spiritual Spring Productions make the plea that we wake up to the mystery of ordinary life. God comes to us in whispers, more than in trumpet blasts .


Heaven starts where the foot falls.  As Oscar Wilde said, "Mystery is in the seen, not the unseen."


The programs offered through spiritual spring productions, rather than being dogmatic are motivational and inspirational. They address the heart as well as the head.They move from immanence into transcendence. We move from the known to the unknown. God is not definable.  God is the incommunicable thirst for the incomprehensible.


However within the overarching mystery, we are given some clues. The world of nature is revelatory. It is our first scripture. It opens us to future and new possibilities.


Quantum physics and a spiritual world view both tell us the cosmos is one. There is an inter-relationship and  interconnectedness in all beings. Confronted by the mystery, science is now beginning to agree with the mystics, that ultimately there can be no orthodoxy.

Mystery reigns. All we can do in response  is, as Teilhard De Chardin said,  “Open our arms and welcome down the fire.” There is every indication that if we dare to see the divine in the ordinary we will become aware that we are not left as cosmic orphans wandering in the dark.  We will recognize that we are sparks of god’s divinity. We are heirs to an eden etched eternal. There are trillions of clues given to us everyday, To this effect all we need do is wake up and learn to  live as threshold people.


Wonder and awe are the  escape  and groundswell for  true spirituality.

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